Country singer Trisha Yearwood has hit back at accusations she's not a "real artist" because she doesn't write her own songs - insisting music greats like PATSY CLINE never composed their own hits.
The Grammy-winning star reveals she gave up songwriting after trying and failing to be creative as a kid.
But Yearwood insists she shouldn't be criticised for her lack of writing skills, because she is in good company.
She says, Ive been criticised before. (People say), Shes not a real artist because she doesn't write her own songs. When you get through listening to Patsy Cline singing I Fall to Pieces, you (don't) think if she'd only written it, you know it wouldn't had so much more emotion.
If I could write a song like that I would record it, but most of my stuff is really bad poetry I wrote in high school that will never ever see the light of day.