Country star Trisha Yearwood had huge doubts when she first moved in with her new husband GARTH BROOKS - because she disliked that he'd decorated his whole house in the colour blue.

The couple exchanged nuptials on 10 December (05), and they've since gone back to work on the dream home they're currently building in Oklahoma.

But Yearwood admits she was once certain they'd clash over their differing tastes in decor.

She says, "When I first went to Oklahoma, everything in his little cowboy house, that we're actually living in while we're building across the road, is blue.

"His favourite colour is blue. I like blue, but I mean blue carpet, blue furniture, blue dishes, blue towels, blue curtains. He's just a guy. It was just simpler to do.

"I thought, 'We're never gonna be able to do this at all.' But it's actually going pretty well."