America's gay hip hop community is rallying against rapper Trick Trick after he banned homosexuals from buying his new album.
The star, who has collaborated with rap superstar Eminem, demanded that gay fans not buy his new LP The Villain because they wouldn't like it - and insisted he didn't want their money.
He told, "Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album. I don't want your f**got money any Goddamn way. I don't like it. Carry that s**t somewhere else."
The comments prompted a host of gay rappers to come forward and hit back.
Deadlee tells AllHipHop, "There is still a lot of hate against gays, and Trick Trick just perpetuates the hate... so if Trick Trick really does plan on putting an AK to my head, I ain't going out like that! Trick Trick will be the only bitch that ends up dead!"
And the self-dubbed Godfather of Gay Hip Hop Tori Fixx adds, "It's most peculiar that a straight man has so much time to be focused on us other folks, yet alone a group of people he so-called hates. But I surely hope no same-gender loving person supports this record."
And Melange Lavonne, the host of gay rap reality show Urban Raiders, warns, "It is unwise for him to add fuel to an already lit fire that is getting even bigger.
"Trick Trick can spew all the hate he wants, but gays are not longer perceived as punks, sissies or wimps. We are fighting for equality and, if that means that our life is on the line, then so be it. We are willing and ready to die for our cause. These are not the days of sit down and shut-up anymore, but a national movement that is bigger and more motivated than his small feeble-minded thinking could've ever imagined".