Rapper Trey Songz has stepped up his trademark battle over a catchphrase by filing a countersuit against a reality TV show star who is contesting ownership.
The Bottoms Up hitmaker's attorneys fired the first shot in the legal dispute with Storage Wars star Dave 'The Mogul' Hester by sending a cease and desist letter in a bid to stop him using the expression 'Yuuup!', which is Songz's "signature sound".
The action prompted Hester to file a lawsuit in New York, claiming Songz's use of the catchphrase is very different to his own.
Songz has now filed a countersuit against Hester, insisting he has had the right to use the trademark since 2009, while Hester only filed his own trademark application in 2011, according to Tmz.com.
The musician is seeking damages and is asking a judge to void Hester's trademark.