The Bottoms Up hitmaker told fans at his show at the Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit that the performance was overrunning and that a member of staff had threatened to cut his microphone off.

In a video from the show posted on, he says, "They say they're gonna cut my mic off cos I'm taking too much time... if that happens, I love you no matter what. All I want to do is give you the best show I'm capable of giving... if a n**ga cut me off, I'm going the f**k crazy (sic)."

He then begins encouraging the crowd to join his chant, in which he taunts the stage worker by repeating "go ahead and cut me off". Later in the video, the stage lights have been switched off and Trey can be seen jumping off the stage into the audience as security staff try to reach him.

More footage taken from the side of the stage shows the singer grabbing a Perspex screen and pulling it down and throwing an unknown item as men close in on him. According to police, he also threw microphones and speakers off the stage, with one object striking a police officer on the head.

Police spokesman Officer Dan Donakowski told the Associated Press that the 32-year-old, real name Tremaine Aldon Neverson, became "upset and belligerent" when he was told to end the concert.

He was arrested for malicious destruction of property and resisting arrest and remained in custody in the Detroit Detention Center early Thursday morning (29Dec16).