R&B singer Trey Songz has spoken out to publicly dismiss rumours he is gay.
The star's sexuality has been subject to speculation over the last year following online gossip about his private life.
Songz admits he was stunned when he heard the rumours and he wants his fans to know the truth.
He tells New York radio station Power 105.1, "The first I heard about it was on a blog about a year ago and I remember the actual day because I was with my manager Kevin. He said, 'Did you her about this?' He said we ignore stuff like that but I was hot (angry) because I love the ladies. What I've learned in this business is that people will make their own reality of whatever they want to.
"What I encourage my fans to do, and people that just have a sensible mind... you can't allow whatever someone else says to be your truth. Just because it's written on an internet blog that has so many viewers or so many hits it doesn't make it true. I just keep living my life, you know the truth always comes to light."