NINE INCH NAILS star Trent Reznor has ditched his side project with A PERFECT CIRCLE frontman Maynard James Keenan because he doesn't think it's good enough.

The rocker collaborated with Keenan on a TAPEWORM project during a six-year hiatus as her recovered from a heroin overdose, but he fears he'll never get round to releasing their efforts.

Reznor tells MTV NEWS, "It just didn't seem like it was that great to me.

"At the end of the day, I figure, if we are going to work together, it's got to be the greatest thing ever. It didn't feel like that to me.

"Plus I was starting to work on my thing and he was on tour. It just got complicated and seemed like one not to pursue. It was pretty good, but I wouldn't put a record out of my own that I thought was pretty good."

Reznor also reveals he has dumped a project he started with THE CULT star Ian Astbury before he signed up to front THE DOORS OF THE 21ST CENTURY.

He adds, "I feel like it's not really sincere. I feel like I'm buying into this hype and I don't really feel this way and I don't know if anyone else really feels this way."

12/05/2005 21:17