Travis 'Where You Stand' Brand New Single Impacts June 10th 2013

Travis 'Where You Stand' Brand New Single Impacts June 10th 2013

Travis seal their comeback on June 10th with sublime new single 'Where You Stand', the title track from their seventh album, out August 19th on their own relaunched label Red Telephone Box via Kobalt Label Services.

Driven by piano, acoustic guitar and Fran Healy's incomparable voice, 'Where You Stand' is "the most emotional track on the record", according to the band's Andy Dunlop and extols the virtues of loyalty at all costs. It was co-written by Travis's Dougie Payne, Fran Healy and London singer-songwriter Holly Partridge and was produced by Michael Ilbert (The Hives/The Cardigans/The Wannadies).

The song's stoical tone is undercut by an unforgettable video of trademark Travis wit, as Fran Healy is intrepidly subjected to what Dougie laughingly calls "slapstick torture" - the result of a whole day spent shivering in a freezing cold Glasgow warehouse as he was pelted with "as many outrageous, messy things as possible." It was both conceived and directed by Fran Healy

The single is available to download from iTunes.

It's taken from the LP of the same name, which was written and recorded across London, Norway, New York, as well as Berlin's legendary Hansa Studios, and is the follow-up to Travis's 2008 album 'Ode To J. Smith'.

Travis are singer/guitarist Fran Healy, bassist Dougie Payne, guitarist Andy Dunlop and drummer Neil Primrose.