Travis star Fran Healy insists he's keeping his meat-free promise to Sir Paul McCartney - because he's very serious about sticking to his word.
The Happy singer offered to go vegetarian for MCCartney after the Beatles legend agreed to perform bass on his debut solo album Wreckorder - and a year later, Healy is still all about the soy.
He tells, "I'm quite Scottish about it. Whether you promise your dog you're gonna take him for a walk, it's a promise and I'm quite loyal when it comes to things like that."
And he admits it didn't take much to turn him off meat - thanks to a bad dream: "I had a nightmare a few years ago where I was witnessing a cow and a calf being slaughtered. It was a horrible nightmare and it was so graphic that I just thought, 'I can't eat meat,' so I stopped for a while and then I went back to it about six months later. But I've made this promise now and I'm gonna keep to it."
MCCartney is helping Healy keep his promise by sending him recipes cooked up by his late wife Linda MCCartney.
The Scottish star recalls, "It was so sweet when the parcel arrived. We didn't know what it was, but Paul had written a little post-it note saying, 'This should be enough to get you started. Love, Paul.' I'm like, 'Wow'."
And Healy's favourite MCCartney dish - Linda's lasagne: "We made it and yeah, it was really great."