Travis frontman Fran Healy got soaking wet on a soccer pitch on Friday (18JUL03) when he tried to record crowd chants for his band's new single.

The singer and producer TCHAD (corr) Blake arranged to storm the pitch in the middle of a CELTIC RANGERS friendly game against FULHAM in London to tape sounds for new track PEACE THE F*** OUT.

But in spite of it being one of the hottest British summers ever, the Why DOES IT ALWAYS RAIN ON ME? hitmaker still got drenched - when a groundsman turned the sprinklers on to water the parched pitch.

Fran enthuses, "I don't think (the crowds) knew who I was to start with. They were like, 'Who's that wee guy in the Brazil strip?' And then the sprinklers came on, that was good! I was standing right next to it and water came from everywhere."

Peace The F*** Out follows in the vein of Travis' THE BEAUTIFUL OCCUPATION, which took turbulent world politics as its theme.

The singer continues, "I'm biting my tongue, I've been feeling really angry and frustrated and patronised by our leaders. I feel patronised by the press and I don't believe I'm the only one who feels that way, so I wrote a song about it.

"The song's amazing. I feel confident we've made the best record we could possibly make at this point. The band have grown up a little bit. We're not wee boys anymore."

23/07/2003 13:23