Country star Travis Tritt had so much fun filming his role in the upcoming movie 2001 MANIACS, because he got the chance to play such a twisted character.

Tritt recently warped filming on the movie, which is set to be released next year (05) and stars A Nightmare On Elm Street's Robert Englund.

He says, "In every good horror film, there is always one person who is the foreteller of doom, the guy who says, 'Don't go down to the lake, kids, that's where JASON lives.'

"I play an attendant at a gas station where these kids, who are out on an adventure, stop by. This guy looks like he could be related to some of the characters in DELIVERANCE, a pretty rough guy.

"And not only that, in a dream sequence later on, I get to play an extremely nasty, terrible version of that character. And that was the part that was extremely fun for me, where I got to dig down deep and find something in my imagination - the most disgusting, ugly parts of my imagination - and sort of bring all that to the surface.

"I think it saved me a lot of money in therapy. Those are the fun roles to play. It's just a total departure from who you are."

13/08/2004 09:26