Travis Scott is reportedly trying to launch a new brand, as he's filed paperwork to trademark 'S.P.A.C.E'.

The 'Antidote' hitmaker recently released his third studio album 'Astroworld', but now he's set to take another giant leap in his career as it appears he's filed paperwork for the rights to the brand name 'S.P.A.C.E' for commercial use.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the 26-year-old star is looking to use the term as a label on a range of merchandise, along with the terms 'S.P.A.C.E 1991' and 'S.P.A.C.E 2001'.

Travis is reportedly looking to produce branded clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, fragrances, non-alcoholic drinks and an online store for customers to browse and buy from.

The latest development comes weeks after the rapper launched some limited edition merchandise for just 24 hours, including 'Astroworld' hoodies, t-shirt, hats and more.

Travis' new album topped the Billboard 200 chart, but his win was met with harsh words from fellow artist Nicki Minaj, who claimed her album 'Queen' deserved the top spot instead.

She said: ''Why do people always say upset or angry? When someone says how they feel they're not always upset or angry ... I felt like I wanted to punch him in his f**king face.

''The thing is, it's not anger, it's what's right and what's wrong and what's fair. I've had a number two album and I never cared.

''It's just that when you have a number two album to someone who is selling shirts and merch and selling passes for a tour that isn't announced yet, it feels like you're being tricked.

''It feels like someone is playing a game and like beating you at a game opposed to just selling music. I want to sell music.

''He sold a lot of T-shirts and sweaters and tour passes, and we're not going to have that.''