The hip-hop star, who co-wrote Rihanna's track B**ch Better Have My Money, came under fire after video footage from his gig in Houston earlier this year (15) emerged online.

In the clip, Scott called a group of audience members "a bunch of queers" and "f**gots", and he has now said sorry for his comments.

In a series of posts on, he writes, "At my shows I get a lil turnt up (a little turned up). Sorry for that but never will I ever disrespect that community... Thanks being said my apologies to anyone thats offended (sic). My words weren't out of bad meaning and in no disrespect (sic)... When I get excited I tend to say the first thing on my mind out loud (sic)... I've been working on that as a person takes time but we all ain't perfect (sic)."