Blink-182's new album will be "dark and heavy".

The punk rock trio haven't recorded any new songs yet, but they know the tone of their upcoming release will be "crazier" and "darker" than ever before.

Frontman Travis Barker said: "When we do go in to the recording studio to make the new album, it's gonna be heavy. It's a logical step from our last album 'Blink-182'.

"You can't help but have everything on the table, all the stuff we've done - like our other groups +44 and Angels And Airwaves - since we last played and recorded. All that will influence the new stuff."

The band - consisting of Barker, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus - have written four demo tracks and one song, titled 'Up All Night', is almost complete.

Barker told MTV: "In the case of 'Up All Night', it feels like it could've been on the last record, or right where the last one left off. It's kind of heavy, if you mixed Box Car Racer and Blink. It all makes sense. The pieces are all together."

Barker says fans can expect the single to be released in the next couple of months, while the band is on its reunion tour.

He refused to confirm when the new album will be complete.