Remember when Travis Barker 's group Blink 182 released that video for their mega hit 'What's My Age Again?' in which everyone had a good chortle at the three members running around getting up to various tomfoolery whilst naked? Well apparently when it's not pixelated Barker isn't quite as willing to poke fun at himself, with news coming out that the drummer of the long running pop-punk group threatening to sue a website who have posted naked pictures of him up online. reports that the website have posted pictures of the stick man naked in all his glory. However Barker isn't finding it funny at all, becoming the latest in a long line of celebrities to find themselves on display online for all to see, the most recent high profile case being that of Scarlett Johansson who found pictures she claimed had originally been for now ex-husband Ryan Reynolds plastered all over the web.
Barker, like Johansson, has taken a dim view of the photos, which sources close to him claim are around five years old, "private and never intended for public viewing or to be seen by anyone else." He's hired Evan Spiegel of law firm Lavely and Singer who have sent a cease and desist letter to the website claiming that the pictures are "unauthorized use of private photos."