Travis Barker's music festival has a backstage breastfeeding area.

The 42-year-old rocker's Back to the Beach Fest will kick off next weekend in Huntington State Beach in Southern California and, to ensure everyone can go to the music extravaganza, he's created a kid-friendly section so that new mothers can feed their babies without having to stay at home and miss out on the fun.

And it's not just adults who will be rocking out next weekend as the Blink-182 drummer has allowed kids under the age of 10 to go in for free and he has set up the Lil Punk Zone so that they can dance away to the tracks safely.

A source told TMZ: ''Travis got the inspiration from taking his own kids on the road everywhere and wanted other families to see what it's like to rock out with their little ones. All those diapers should also keep the porta potty lines down, too.''

Travis' children Landon, 14, and Alabama, 12, whom he has with ex-wife Shanna Moakler, don't just have an impact on his music though as he admitted that they have encouraged him to stay in shape because he needs the energy to play with them.

He said recently: ''I first laced up for a serious run the day I found out my ex-wife [Shanna Moakler] was pregnant with our son, Landon. I came home from the doctor's office and ran to the freeway, which was four miles away. I'd never really run for fun before, but I did it every day until he was born. I was going to be responsible for someone and be a role model. That was the beginning of being in shape ...

''I've been sober since the accident, but I've replaced all of my bad addictions with good ones. Now, I get high off running. I just love running. It makes me feel like I can conquer anything that comes at me. I'm never tapped out. I'm never tired around my two kids. I owe a lot of that to running.''