The drummer grew up with a crippling fear of flying and didn't want to be onboard the private Learjet bound for Los Angeles, but he reluctantly strapped himself in with TRV$DJAM bandmate Adam Goldstein and his security guard Che Still.

The plane didn't even get off the ground before crashing and exploding.

Barker and the late Goldstein escaped with their lives and everyone else onboard the plane was killed, and now the rocker reveals he had a series of eerie premonitions about the flight.

In his new memoir, titled Can I Say, Barker, who spent more than 11 weeks in hospitals and burn centres and underwent 16 surgeries, blood transfusions and skin grafts, talks about the night his life flashed before him, and promoting the new book, he tells, "A week before (the plane crash), I was having nightmares of plane crashes.

"We got (to the ­airport), and I did my normal thing: I'm ­medicating. I called my dad. I don’t know what it was, but I said, 'Pops, I have a really strange feeling about this one. Something just tells me it's not right...' I said, 'I love you, and if anything happens, make sure the kids are taken care of.'

"And then, sure enough..."

Barker admits the plane crash made him take life more seriously and value his friends and family: "I think back, and I was this little punk, someone I'm not proud of, that's abusing pills every day and taking all this s**t recreationally. And then you look death in the face and you almost die in a plane crash, and then you're actually forced to be on morphine for four months or whatever. It's like, 'Oh, how did the tables change?'

"I went from being like that to getting out of the hospital and refusing to take pain meds home. I was on all these crazy crazy bipolar drugs too cause I was suicidal in the hospital, masking everything from the pain of thinking, 'Are my friends dead? Do you have to amputate my foot?' I was completely done.

"I paid the price for it, self-medicating for so long. I woke up during 11 of my 27 surgeries. That wasn't fun. And you wake up, and you don't know what's going on. You just feel extreme pain, and I'm trying to sock doctors and hit 'em. It really exposed what a mess I was.

"After that it was like I had a second chance at life and so much changed. There was no more drug abuse... I was a little cuckoo (mad) for a minute too. I didn't leave the house. I was afraid if I left the house something would fall out of the sky and hit me. I was just waiting for some ill s**t to happen all the time. So I just wanted to stay cooped up in the house."