BLINK-182 drummer Travis Barker is planning yet another side project with Nicole Richie's fiance DJ AM.

The tattooed punk, who fills downtime with Blink-182 in Box Car Racer, the TRANSPLANTS and PLUS-44, has announced he's planning to tour US nightclubs with the DJ, real name Adam Goldstein.

Barker tells MTV NEWS, "We're just gonna play clubs every once in a while, it's gonna be pretty crazy, DJ versus drummer. We're like 40 minutes into the routine. We just jam."

The drummer reveals he was inspired to hook up with the top DJ after watching blues drummers playing hip-hop songs in New York clubs.

He adds, "We were talking one day and we were like, 'God, we should collaborate and just mess around,' and so he'll spin something a cappella and I'll be playing the beat for it."

31/05/2005 21:13