BLINK-182 star Travis Barker has rubbished rumours the punk trio have split for good - insisting they will reform.

The group have announced they're taking a hiatus to concentrate on solo and side projects, but reports of fights and fall-outs have prompted fans to accept the group will not reunite.

Drummer Barker insists such reports are nonsense, and, during a phone chat with presenters KEVIN + BEAN on Los Angeles' KROQ radio station, he confirmed that his group will reform in a few years time.

Barker said, "I think it's healthy to take a break. We did the same thing four years ago. Blink took a break, and BOXCAR RACER (his side project) happened and that's the same way with this.

"We're taking a break and letting everyone be creative on their time off, and have fun and come back when it's time and when it's ready and right. I believe there's great things in the future.

"I love those dudes; they're my brothers. I wanted to clear up the rumours of us fighting with each other or hating each other. It's just not true.

"Right now, everyone's life is calling for something else... We all have children, and I think it's a good time to be home with them. We leave them for five months at a time, so everyone is getting family time."

24/02/2005 21:37