BLINK-182 drummer Travis Barker has been slapped with a lawsuit by an old pal who accuses the star of cheating him out of hordes of cash in a fashion deal.

According to court documents obtained by American TV show CELEBRITY Justice, before Blink-182 became famous Barker was trying to market his businesses called FAMOUS CLOTHING and FAMOUS STARS AND STRAPS. He partnered with LUKE BARRETT, already an established businessman with his own line SILVER STAR.

Southern California-based Barrett, who claims the two agreed to cross-promote, says, "You make a deal with somebody, you follow through with it. A deal's a deal."

Barrett says Barker reneged and he claims fame clouded his pal's judgement, causing him to act in secret and with malice.

He continues, "It's obviously brought his brand up into the millions and all the marketing that he did for the Famous line, he should've done for my line."

In the lawsuit, Barrett claims Barker had no intention of living up to the agreement - even accusing him of an "intent to defraud and deceive".

Barrett adds, "He's using some of my belt buckle logos and stuff still to this day. He went ultra-big and the company went ultra-big because he had that marketing capability.

"I was hoping to tag on, but was shortly cut off soon after the contract was signed."

Barker calls the lawsuit "frivolous" and claims the contract was terminated by mutual consent.

21/07/2004 03:00