Travis Barker has launched a scathing attack on his former Blink-182 bandmember TOM DeLONGE and record company bosses on his upcoming album. The punk rock outfit announced an indefinite hiatus last year (05) with DeLonge confirming new project Angels And Airwaves two weeks later. But Barker - who has since formed a band with Blink-182's MARK HOPPUS - is convinced the break-up was part of a record company plot and rants about the experience on +44's new song NO IT ISN'T. He tells MTV, "That song is absolutely about the end of Blink-182. It was a classic case of something bad happening and everyone around you not telling you what the deal was. "Like the owner of your record label telling you, 'Oh, everything is going to be fine. Any press you do, Travis, make sure you say everything is cool!' And it turns out the same dude is part of the conspiracy of Tom quitting Blink. "The only reason we were being cool and calling it an 'indefinite hiatus' is because that's what this dork at the head of our record label was telling us. So that's when you find out that everyone was conspiring against you. That makes you go, 'F**k you.' Here's a song about the real deal.'"