Blockbuster movie Transformers has proved there's more than meets the eye after debuting at the top of the U.S. box-office chart with weekend (06-08Jul07) takings of $67.6 million (GBP33.8 million). The Michael Bay film is on course for securing the largest first week haul by a non-sequel in cinema history - since it was released at preview screenings last Monday (02Jul07), Transformers will have made an estimated $152.5 million (GBP76.3 million) by Monday (09Jul07). That figure, when confirmed, will beat the previous record of $151.6 million (GBP75.8 million), taken by Spider-Man in 2002. Dropping to second place is animated movie Ratatouille, which took $29 million (GBP14.5 million) in box-office receipts over the weekend. Live Free Or Die Hard falls from number two to three with earnings of $17.4 million (GBP8.7 million), while the Robin Williams/Mandy Moore comedy License To Wed debuts at four with $10.4 million (GBP5.2 million). Michael Moore's documentary about the state of the U.S. health care system, Sicko, debuts at nine with $3.65 million (GBP1.83 million).