A representative for Australian actor MATTHEW NEWTON has slammed reports the star trashed a hotel room he was sharing with his girlfriend, Transformers beauty Rachael Taylor.
The Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities actor was staying at the Cullen Hotel in Melbourne, Australia with Taylor earlier this month (Mar10).
Staff alleged Newton was involved in an "incident", and claimed he punched holes in the walls and smashed glass in a bathroom, causing more than $3,633 (£2,434) of damage.
But Newton's agent, Titus Day, has blasted the accusations, insisting the star was "not aware" of any damages and left the room in perfect order.
Day says, "He's not aware of any damage when he went into the room nor when he left the room. (Matt and Rachael) haven't been contacted by the hotel or billed for anything. Matt doesn't know what they're talking about. The production company organised the room and paid for it. He and Rachael paid the incidentals on the way out on Rachael's card and the room was fine when they went in and fine when they left."
A statement from the hotel's manager reads, "We can confirm an incident took place and, no, police were not notified."