LATEST: Transformers star SHIA LaBEOUF leaned on a wall and looked stunned after rolling his truck in a horror crash in Los Angeles.
A witness tells how he heard a woman scream "f**k" and then saw LaBeouf's female passenger crawling from the wreckage just seconds after the accident in the early hours of Sunday morning (27Jul08).
Onlookers rushed to help them as they stood against a wall at the side of the road.
The witness told website that when he got to the scene, "Shia was already out of the car and the female riding with him was crawling out of the driver's side of the truck. The truck was smoking, making noise and still running. Shia and the female stood over by a wall while people were checking to see if everyone was okay".
Police and ambulance crews arrived on the scene within five minutes, and LaBeouf, 22, was taken to hospital where he received extensive surgery to his left hand, and treatment for injuries to his head and knee.
The star's truck had flipped onto its roof after colliding with another vehicle.
He was subsequently arrested and charged with drink driving.