On its first day in Chinese movie theaters, Iron Man 3 earned $21.1 million, setting a new record for the country. The figure far surpassed the previous record holder -- Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which opened with $17.9 million in July 2011. TheWrap.com observed today (Thursday) that in some big cities in China, moviegoers are paying as much as $25 for a ticket to see Iron Man 3 (although in rural areas, tickets are going for as little as $3). Although much has been written about special Chinese-oriented scenes being inserted in the movie, the Hollywood Reporter reported today (Thursday) that there are only two inconsequential scenes inserted into the Chinese version. Commented Eric Eisenberg at CinemaBlend.com: While I'm sure there will be some obsessive fans out there who will die unless they can see the China cut of Iron Man 3, it sounds like the rest of the world isn't missing out on much.