Upcoming blockbuster Transformers has been given a quirky boost - it's animated predecessor was movie legend Orson Welles' final film. Many movie buffs have long since forgotten the revered Citizen Kane star provided the voice of planet moon Unicron in the little-seen 1986 film Transformers: The Movie, but a new biography claims the project was the last thing Welles took part in before his death. The actor/director's last released film was 1987's Someone To Love, but that was shot before Welles played Unicron, according to Barbara Leaming's book Orson Welles: A Biography. The author claims she spent the final years of Welles' life chronicling his illustrious career - and recalls the acting great talking about "playing a toy". She says, "That was for him a way of earning a living and a way of trying to finance the films that he wanted to make."