Transformers director Michael Bay has thanked officials in Chicago, Illinois for allowing his crew to take over swathes of the city last weekend (10-11Jul10) to film a massive action shoot for the upcoming sequel.
Production on the third robot movie transferred from California to Chicago for a series of daredevil stunts and local authorities gave Bay and his crew permission to fly helicopters low over the city as skydivers parachuted from the top of Trump Tower into the streets below. Many roads had to be closed off, while extra police officers were deployed to maintain order.
The shoot, which saw hordes of actors in camouflage gear charging around town in epic battle scenes, caused traffic chaos in many areas, and Bay has thanked local residents for their understanding, as well as officials for giving them the go-ahead to bring Transformers to Chicago.
The director tells the Chicago Sun-Times, "The city's been unbelievably amazing - from Mayor Daley all the way down to each and every police officer helping us out. We don't want to inconvenience people too much, so we've been working hard to play ball with the fire department and the police."
And Bay reveals the footage they shot there will make up a crucial part of the new movie. He adds, "(This) is at the very end of the movie and the city is under alien attack, so it's very critical and important to the film's climax... Something very bad has happened to America - and this is at the very end of the movie."