Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is considering filing a breach of contract lawsuit against UNIVERSAL bosses after being sacked from the now defunct gangster film TRU BLU for feuding with studio heads.

Universal have reportedly agreed to sign off $30 million (GBP16.7 million) on the gritty Denzel Washington film - based on the life of real-life drug kingpin FRANK LUCAS - rather than press on with the project.

And angry Fuqua, who fought for years to make the project, is intent on getting justice after falling out with studio bosses at Universal over where to shoot the film. He insisted on making the movie in New York, while the moneymen wanted save cash and locate to Canada.

Fuqua says, "Me and Universal just disagreed on some things and we decided to part ways but my goal was always to tell the truth and do an authentic film and I think some people were afraid of that."

21/10/2004 02:24