Rapper Trae Tha Truth still has a bullet lodged in his body from his June (12) shooting.

The Houston native, real name Frazier Thompson Iii, was hospitalised in the early hours of the morning on 20 June (12) after sustaining a gunshot wound outside a Texas nightclub, just hours after performing a concert.

He opens up about the scary ordeal for the first time during an interview with MTV's RapFix Live, and the 32-year-old, who is signed to rapper T.I.'s record label, admits his condition was initially touch-and-go: "There was blood all over the bed, they (the nurses) had to change the sheets, the mattress."

But since three people were killed in the shootout, while another person was paralyzed, homicide detectives came in to take him away for questioning - giving doctors no time for surgery.

He explains, "The way I came in the hospital with a hole in my back was the same way I left. I didn't get no bandage (sic), I ain't get no stitches (sic), they didn't take the bullet out, none of that."