Tracy Morgan caused a storm last weekend when his anti-gay comedy routine was posted on Facebook, in which he claimed that being gay was 'not biological' and that he would stab his son to death if he was gay. The 30 Rock star later apologised, but not before causing an international debate, with everyone from Tina Fey, Chris Rock and co-star Alec Baldwin amongst many others giving their opinion via blogs and Twitter.

Morgan has now attempted to cement his apology by attending a gathering organised by gay rights group GLAAD, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The event saw Morgan meet with a group of homeless gay teenagers and families that have lost loved ones to hate crimes. MTV reported that Morgan also met with Elke Kennedy, whose son was killed in 2007 in an anti-gay hate crime. Kennedy said: "I feel like he made a commitment during this meeting to make a difference.He said that he was going to use his talent as a comedian to be an advocate for the LGBT community."

President of GLAAD Jarrett Barrios also revealed that Morgan would return to Tennessee, where he originally performed the offending routine, to make a full apology: "Returning to Tennessee and apologizing to those he offended is an important step in showing that Tracy truly understands the weight of his words.In a state that continues to put anti-gay laws on the books, it's now more important than ever that we let Tennesseans know that homophobia has no place on or off the stage." There is still no word on whether Morgan will keep his job on 30 Rock, but his commitment to working with GLAAD seems to have made more of a positive impact than his initial apologetic press release.