The former Saturday Night Live regular spent over a week in a vegetative state after a minibus he was a passenger in was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer, causing a chain reaction crash, which killed Morgan's friend and collaborator James MCNair.

The comic spent months in rehabilitation after suffering a broken leg and femur, broken nose, and several broken ribs in the crash, and spent a month in hospital.

He has now recovered from his injuries, and although he has little memory of the crash he does recall meeting his father while comatose in a New Jersey hospital.

"When you're in a coma for eight to 10 days you're basically knocking on the door (of heaven)," he says in a taped interview for an upcoming Oprah Winfrey's Master Class TV special. "I don't know if I was in the coma, or in and out of the coma, but I remember I was just talking to my dad.

"He had this green thing on and I just remember him saying, 'I'm not ready for you son'. And I started crying so hard. I was crying harder than probably I cried at the funeral. And I just kept saying, 'Dad!' because he was my best friend."

And Tracy admits his brush with death profoundly changed him: "Once you've been to the other side you can never be quite normal.

"I told my wife that the other day. Something's different. The way I am with people, something is just different. I find myself saying, 'I love you', 200 times a day to strangers; I don't gotta know you to love you.

"That's how we are supposed to be as human beings. We're supposed to take care of each other. What we see sometimes down on earth, there ain't no room for that up in heaven! I think I was in heaven when I spoke to my father."