The former 30 Rock star's close pal and fellow comedian James MCNair was killed when a truck driven by Wal-Mart employee Kevin Roper collided with a limousine carrying the two comics and friends in New Jersey. The accident left Morgan and two other passengers seriously injured.

Morgan launched a federal negligence lawsuit against Wal-Mart executives in 2014, but the case was dismissed in May, 2015 after the two parties managed to reach a confidential settlement. The terms of the deal were kept private, but Morgan's friend, fellow funnyman Damon Wayans, claimed the star walked away with a cheque for $90 million (£72.2 million).

Bosses at Ohio Casualty Insurance Company and Liberty Insurance Underwriters are challenging the settlement and whether they are obligated to pay the "exorbitant" amount and they have requested the paperwork to determine if executives at Wal-Mart settled too quickly without fully investigating the extent of Morgan's injuries after the accident.

However, bosses at the American store insist they kept the insurers abreast of each development during the settlement negotiations.

The insurers are seeking financial records from five years prior to the accident, tax returns, settlement paperwork, health records, and "documents generated after the settlement that refer or relate to his (Morgan) appearing on national television shortly after the settlement, driving a Lamborghini in midtown Manhattan shortly after the settlement, Tracy's Morgan's ability to walk around midtown New York shortly after the settlement and his appearing at the Emmy Awards to make a presentation."

Last week (ends20Jan17), a New Jersey judge approved the motion to enforce the subpoena and the actor was given 20 days to comply, according to The Hollywood Reporter.