The 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan left Utah yesterday (January 23, 2012) with a breathing tube inserted in his nostrils, which was attached to an oxygen tank. The star was attending the Sundance Film Festival, where he was promoting his new film, Predisposed. Yesterday though, footage surfaced of him looking unwell at the red carpet premiere and it was reported that he collapsed after making an acceptance speech for an award at the festival.
Today, footage appeared on of the star at the airport shortly before boarding a plane home. When asked by reporters if it was his diabetes that caused the collapse, or whether there was any truth to the rumors that drugs or alcohol played a part, Tracy Morgan gave two answers. First, he said that it was the altitude that made him sick (which would concur with the official statement released by his publicist yesterday). Then, jokingly, he told reporters "Superman ran into a little Kryptonite today." He thanked the reporters for wishing him well before boarding the plane. He was walking unaided, unlike in the footage that surfaced yesterday, where it appeared that he needed physical support from those in his entourage.
The Sundance Film Festival takes place between Jan 19th - 29th in Park City, Utah, which is around 7,000 ft above sea level. Tracy Morgan was attending Sundance Film Festival in order to promote Predisposed, which also stars Jesse Eisenberg and MELISSA LEO.