Tracy Morgan, the '30 Rock' star who stunned fans with a homophobic rant at a comedy show last week, claims he supports same-sex marriage. Tracy Morgan has already apologised for his anti-gay remarks, but the American actor spoke to his friend Russell Simmons about his stance on homosexuality.
During an interview for Simmons', Morgan emphasised his support for same-sex marriage, saying, "I believe everyone deserves the right to be happy and marry who they want to, gay, white, black, male or female". Simmons spoke of his desire to get gay marriage passed in New York, with Morgan interrupting, "Let me know where the rally's at, Russ. I'm there!" The comedian came under heavy fire last week after a man who attended his show in Nashville took to his Facebook to voice outrage at Morgan's act. The 42-year-old allegedly claimed he would threaten his son if he came out as gay. During his interview with Simmons, the comedian labelled his comments, "indefensible", saying. "I guess the reason I am successful is because I am so unfiltered. And sometimes as a result I say really stupid sh*t".
Tracy Morgan continued in his apology by speaking out against the controversial "don't ask, don't tell" policy and by labelling homophobia as the most "abusive sickness". Morgan spent eight seasons as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and currently plays the role of 'Tracy Jordan' on '30 Rock'.