Former X-rated star Traci Lords pulled out of a topless scene in Kevin Smith's new comedy ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO - because she was breastfeeding at the time.
Lords, who plays a porn actress called Bubbles in the outrageous film, took on the role just after giving birth to her son Joseph in October 2007 - and she felt she wasn't ready to expose her famous breasts.
She says, "There was a scene where my character Bubbles was topless and I remember saying to Kevin, 'Listen, I understand why she's topless, but I'm lactating and if you want me, my boobs are off limits right now.'
"I haven't done nudity since 1987, so I don't think I would have done it anyway... I really want people to focus on something besides my breasts. I think we've seen enough of those. Plus I want them to be remembered in their heyday."