Actress Traci Bingham promises thrilling viewing on her upcoming reality show, which has a cast including porn legend Ron Jeremy and faded rapper VANILLA ICE - because they all detested each other.

The former Baywatch beauty appears in SURREAL LIFE 2, where she shares a home with unlikely housemates who also include former CHiPS star Erik Estrada, '80s TV evangelist Tammy Faye Messner and REAL WORLD LAS VEGAS castmember TRISHELLE.

And Bingham admits the conduct of her housemates - and herself - will change viewers' opinions of them when it airs early next year (04).

She says, "If you start to watch Surreal Life 2, you have to finish watching it.

"The world will see me as a crazy diva b*tch. But you have to understand, the two weeks prior to our starting Surreal Life, I was working practically round the clock on another show. I had no rest, and I was really stressed out."

When she first met her housemates - whose identities were kept secret until everyone had committed to the reality show - Bingham's first thought was, "Oh great. I'm a working actress, and here are all these non-job-having wannabes and has-beens."

She continues, "We had a horrible interaction for the first six days. There were almost physical battles. You couldn't find a more whining, b*tching group of people."

16/12/2003 02:20