Former BAYWATCH star Traci Bingham is threatening to sue a group of former friends who have made her life a misery by telling lies about her.

The actress is so sick of the lies printed about her in America's tabloids she's planning to go after the "bunch of fools" who keep making them up for the publications.

She says, "I thought they were friends of mine but they went to the tabloids and said these horrible things about me that just weren't true.

"When I told them it had to end they did it again. It's just so unfair because, despite the way somebody looks, we're all human and we have emotions, and we're not all that strong.

"If you say things to people and hurt them, they're going to have a reaction. That said, if you mess with me you're going to have a lot to deal with because I've no tolerance for c**p."

21/10/2003 17:37