Former BAYWATCH star Traci Bingham has been forced to pay out $10,000 (GBP5,500) to a former pal who once loaned her the cash.

RICK DOBSON took the actress/model to court after she refused to pay him back - and a Los Angeles judge ruled against Bingham in small claims court, entering a judgment by default.

Dobson told the judge he loaned Bingham the money on the condition that she pay him back within 30 days. But the money wasn't forthcoming and he spent two years trying to track the beauty down.

Dobson says, "Anytime I'd call and leave her a message, she'd call back and say I'd get it next week."

Speaking to American TV show CELEBRITY JUSTICE after the verdict yesterday (07JUN04), Dobson said, "I'm happy with it, but I still have to collect. That's always the hardest issue. You try to help someone out, and they screw you. It's not where you want to be.

"I think sometimes you have to show them you mean business and that you're not going to let them walk away."

08/06/2004 21:05