The couple play husband and wife on U.S. comedy Black-ish, but Ross admits she really didn't like the guy who was destined to play her significant other when they met while co-hosting the Vibe Awards.

She explains, "At the time I did not know Anthony. Now I know that Anthony has a heart of gold (but) it's also covered with shards of glass... I was experiencing a shard of glass."

And during an appearance on U.S. chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night (23Apr15), Anderson reminded his co-star just how unfiltered he can be when he asked her if she farted onstage when they were hosting the Vibe Awards together.

A shocked Ross responded, "Oh my God... There was a smell, he thought he heard a sound; he's got voices in his head... and he said it in front (of the audience)... I was offended and I didn't think it was nice and I got upset and then there were other things that had occurred after that."

But Ross didn't let her past experiences with her TV husband wreck their chemistry on the set of Black-ish.

She adds, "I don't hold grudges... but I do remember things."