Trace Adkins is concerned today's (02.08.11) debt crisis deadline will overshadow his album release.

The American country music artist - who releases his latest record 'Proud To Be Here' today - has expressed his fears that the US government's decision about whether to raise the country's borrowing limit, which is due to be approved by the Senate later today, will "dominate" media coverage rather than the emergence of his latest LP.

He told "My album comes out August 2nd. And when is the deadline on the debt crisis? August 2nd! So, what do you think is going to dominate the press that day? I'm out there trying to sell my album and it's never mind that, we're going down the toilet!

"And the politicians, they're not going to settle it before then, they're going to take it right to The Wire! I mean the theater is just irresistible to them, they just can't resist in making it a soap opera and taking it to the wire."