Country singer Trace Adkins has been cast in car racing film Roadrunner.

The You're Gonna Miss This hitmaker joins a cast that includes Clint Eastwood's son Scott, and he hopes his latest movie venture is more successful than many of his past projects.

He tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution, "I don't talk too much about movies because I've done some that have been pretty bad, but some have been good ones. It doesn't even matter. I do them because the stuff I love most about the music business are the days when you're in the studio and that creative thing is happening and when you're on stage doing live stuff and the creative thing is happening.

"When you're on a movie set, you're surrounded by incredibly talented, creative people and I find that environment stimulating and invigorating and I dig it. In order to grow in this life you have to get outside your comfort zone and when I'm doing that stuff I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm certainly outside my comfort zone."