Trace Adkins is hoping to follow Brad Paisley and GEORGE STRAIT into the country Christmas charts - he's planning a Celtic album of festive favourites for 2007. The CHROME singer admits he's been thinking about recording a Christmas album for the past few years, but his festive favourites would be full of ancient Celtic hymns. He says, "It is something on my to do list.... It will be very traditional. I'm talking about so traditional that it's going to be really organic, and all the songs that we record are going to be very, very old - like in the old English traditional sense. "(It'll be) almost a Celtic, organic-sounding thing. "I'm just really, really old school. And when I think about Christmas, (it's) like A Christmas Carol (by CHARLES DICKENS). That's the period of time that I think Christmas was the best. "It was very simple and it wasn't so commercialised. So that's the kind of music I want to do - from that time period."