Troubled pop star MICHAEL JACKSON 'stole' his trademark Moonwalk dance from a dancer pal, according to his sister LaToya.

Jackson wowed fans in the 1980s with his backwards dance move, which, according to LaToya, was copied off a SOUL TRAIN TV dancer called GEOFFREY.

LaToya, who wants to be known as TOY, told British television presenter Frank Skinner yesterday (14OCT04), "It was the 'backslide' in the '60s and then he changed it to the Moonwalk.

"Sunday was the day to work out. Michael would take an hour and dance an hour straight, non-stop.

"I don't know if you had this show called the Soul Train, there was this dancer Geoffrey, who was always doing the Moonwalk on that show.

"He taught Michael how to do it."

15/10/2004 13:27