Towers Of London rocker DONNY TOURETTE has quit British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother - after scaling the wall of the programme's London compound to escape. The punk singer spent just 48 hours in the celebrity house before fleeing on Friday (05JAN07) night. Tourette made his dash after learning he'd be playing servant to British reality TV queen and former Big Brother favourite JADE GOODY, her mother and boyfriend JACK TWEEDY on the show. In a statement from show producers, it was made clear that Tourette would not be allowed back on the show. It read, "Making contact with the outside world is a fundamental rule break and, as such, Donny will not be returning to the Celebrity Big Brother house." Veteran pop star Leo Sayer, ex-S Club 7 star JO O'MEARA and Jermaine Jackson are among the celebrities Tourette left behind.