Tove Lo wants people to stop ''judging'' each other for being ''openly sexual''.

The 'Talking Body' hitmaker thinks a big change needs to happen so that women don't feel shamed for their fashion choices - whether they decide to cover themselves head to toe or if they want to wear revealing clothes.

She said: ''We just need to stop judging anyone who is an openly sexual and happy person. That should never be a weapon for someone to use against someone else. If you want to cover yourself from head to toe, that is up to you, that's your life, do it. If I choose to be naked all the time, then that should be my choice. We can both live simultaneously and that not be an issue.

''It might be a dream that will never come true. As soon as we turn the attention to women instead of the men or people who are acting this way, it becomes a problem again. It's another way to blame the women who were abused.''

And the 30-year-old singer is glad the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein - who has been accused of sexually assaulting over 50 women over a 30 year period - has made others come forward and realise ''their own behaviour'' and how it affects people.

She added to NME magazine: ''The #MeToo campaign happened, and a lot of men came out and admitted that they'd committed a lot of things that could be perceived as sexual assault, even if they didn't even realise it. You know, this is about people realising their own behaviour.

''Whenever it's like, 'Oh, we're objectifying women' - we're turning the attention on to the women. What about what we do? Not just men, but what about women judging over women? Donna Karan was defending Weinstein. She was saying, 'Women need to think about how they carry themselves and end up in these situations.' That's insulting.''