Tove Lo is eyeing a career in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old beauty has become a huge star in her native Sweden and further afield thanks to her grunge-influenced pop tunes - but Tove has admitted she'd love to move into acting in the coming years.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she shared: ''I definitely want to do more. Anything (by director Quentin) Tarantino I would want to be a part of. That's my big dream. That would be amazing.''

Over the course of her career, Tove has become well known for her controversial on-stage antics, which has previously included flashing her breasts.

But the Swedish star has insisted she can be a good role model for young children.

She shared: ''Usually the question is, 'Don't you feel you should be ashamed for setting a bad example to young girls?' singing bluntly about sex, drugs and everything ... a lot of my fans come up to me and say, 'you make me feel better about me just as me.'''

And despite the criticism surrounding her stage performances, Tove has no intention of changing her behaviour.

Explaining her mantra for life, she previously said: ''Being unapologetic, not feeling ashamed of being flawed or making mistakes ... I feel girls can be so hard on themselves and each other.

''It's a mantra for me, telling fans, you're not a bad person because you made a mistake or you don't want to follow the rules.''

In fact, Tove doesn't understand the fuss surrounding her on-stage behaviour, insisting her lack of inhibitions is simply a reflection of her off-stage personality.

She said: ''Sometimes when it's a show that isn't my own, I'll be told, 'You can't do this'. I don't want to f**k people over but I forget because I'm in my zone.

''When I've done support acts and they've asked me not to flash if it's a young crowd, for me, it's like, 'It's just boobs.' I don't get it, but they're very loaded items it seems.''