Tove Lo thought her career was over when she had vocal surgery.

The 31-year-old singer had to have cysts removed from her vocal cords while he was the middle of releasing her second album 'Lady Wood' in 2016, and she admitted it was ''a lot to go through''.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''The doctor sat me down and asked me to hum to see if I still had a voice.

''If that couldn't have happened I wouldn't have had a voice, that was terrifying. It was frustrating and scary, a lot to go through in the middle of your career.''

However, the 'Habits' hitmaker has gone from strength to strength, and she is excited for the release of her upcoming fourth album 'Sunshine Kitty'.

She added: ''It's a muscle and it takes time to build up, it's been a very long process and journey back.

''But I feel in control of it now, and I feel very happy.''

Meanwhile, Tove is in a better place romantically at the moment, as she's been with her New Zealander beau for two years now - but there are no plans for a family just yet.

The Swedish star told the Metro newspaper: ''I'm not ready to settle down. I guess I've found the person, and he is the same age as me, but I feel we are children ourselves so we just can't.

''Half of my friends have babies and mortgages, and the other half are too drunk to find their phones, and that's kind of my friend group right now.''