Bosses at City National Bank have launched legal action against the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star and MCDermott for allegedly failing to pay back a $400,000 (£323,700) loan from 2012.

In papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, and obtained by E! News, the couple is accused of owing $185,700 (£150,300) plus $2,400 (£1,940) in interest and $680 (£550) in late charges as of 2 December (16). Executives at the bank are also requesting the pair repays $17,150 (£13,900) in funds allegedly overdrawn from its account.

They are asking for the balances to be paid in full along with interest and lawyers' fees.

This isn't the first time Spelling, 43, has faced legal issues over unpaid bills - in November (16), bosses at American Express reportedly sued the pregnant star for $87,600 (£70,900) in unpaid credit card fees. They also sued her in January (16) for reportedly racking up debts of almost $38,000 (£30,800) on her card.

According, a judge ordered a default judgement against Tori, the daughter of late TV producer and multi-millionaire Aaron Spelling, demanding she repay the full sum, plus court costs of $855 (£690) in August (16).

Tori is reported to be facing major debt problems as she and Dean were hit with tax demands just shy of $1 million (£801,000) in July (16). These included a $707,500 (£572,555) federal tax lien and a tax bill issued by officials in the State of California for $259,000 (£209,600), relating to earnings in 2014.