The Beverly Hills, 90210 star is facing a lawsuit from executives at American Express after allegedly racking up almost $38,000 (£25,330) on her card, and officials from the credit card company are demanding the amount be fully repaid with interest.

However Candy, the widow of multi-millionaire TV producer Aaron Spelling, insists that although she is helping Tori with her living expenses, she will not pay off her debts.

"I've been helping her out, I'm paying all her bills now," the TV personality tells "I'm not paying extras like that (credit card bill), I'm not paying any back payments, just for the house and the kids' school and the food that's all."

Tori, who has four children, allegedly attempted to pay $1,070 (£713) towards her balance on 26 June (15), but the payment failed to go through.

When asked how her daughter had ended up facing a lawsuit over the unpaid bill, Candy suggested the debt may be due to Tori's "extravagance".