Tori Spelling's husband thinks they do ''a good job'' at tackling their problems.

Dean McDermott, 46, says he and the 40-year-old actress, with whom he has four children, Liam, six, Stella, five, Hattie, two, and Finn, 13 months, don't let obstacles get them down and he believes tough patches make them stronger as a couple.

He told Us Weekly magazine: ''Sometimes things are awesome, sometimes they're just not. But it's about how we tackle things as a couple, as a family. And we do a pretty good job of that. Right now we have so many cool things going on -- we're in an uptick.''

The former 'Beverly Hills 90210' star recently admitted they had a tough year financially, but Dean believes they are about to turn a corner.

He said: ''Right now things are going well. I have several exciting projects in the works. Our show 'Dean and Tori's Backyard Bash' just re-aired to great ratings, I'll be the new host of 'Chopped Canada' and I have my first cookbook coming out - 'The Gourmet Dad,' in the spring. Tori's book ('Spelling It Like It Is') just launched this week and things are good.''

The duo recently sparked rumours they were flat broke after admitting they couldn't afford for Dean to have a vasectomy.

But he clarified: ''Could we afford a vasectomy? Probably. Was it a tougher time for us financially? Yea. For sure. That's just the truth of it -- it's the nature of this business.''